If I was to put a butcher’s knife on one side of the room and a pig on the other, how many people here would be willing to take the life of that animal? And if somebody did that, alright, but how many people here would try to stop that person? Would we try that? Of course, that’s compassion, I mean that is greatest quality of the human race. There’s no other species on this planet that has that level of compassion to extend to all living beings. But if you would stop someone from killing a pig in front of you and then go home and have bacon for breakfast… Well, that’s called hypocrisy. Just because it comes in a nice neat package all dressed up in your supermarket, just because you didn’t take the knife and shove it through their jugular, just because you didn’t get blood on your clothes and just because you didn’t hear their screams doesn’t mean you didn’t participate in the killing. Every time we buy the product we are supporting somebody else doing what we ourselves wouldn’t want to do, what we ourselves wouldn’t want to see, and what we ourselves wouldn’t want to hear.
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